Fashion conscious womenswear with attention to detail, quality and a great fit.

” Modern, casual, feminine, seductive, uncomplicated.

These are the attitudes of a modern woman.


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Soyaconcept is a fashion design company located in the southern part of Denmark. From here we branch throughout the rest of Scandinavia, Europe and the rest of the world.

In order to make fashion clothes that are in tune with the times and fulfill the consumer’s dreams you have to possess a profound understanding of the nature of fashion. We have that understanding at Soyaconcept, and it is furthermore our ambition and  vision to be the leading contender in the field of fashion for women  when it comes to Value for Money. Our product are quality clothes, but at a price that allows our customers the possibility of creating a fashionable wardrobe from their own ideas without spending a fortune in the process.
Innovation, identity, personality, quality and simplicity are big words to use, but nonetheless these are words that are an integral part of the unique designs from Soyaconcept and our dedicated staff.

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Maria Bellentani dresses the woman looking for comfortable knitwear, desiring to express her personal style and who has a love of high quality fabric. A carefully chosen selection of yarns and in-house production of the knitwear guarantee special care of each garment, and excellent price/quality. The different stages of production are monitored and assisted by state of the art technology. The result is a fashion line for a look which is essential and simply sophisticated. The fashion world of Maria Bellentani has rendered its vision of Italian Style in a foundation entailing the invaluable ‘Made in Italy’ by which the choice of style and production is directed.

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logo sidecar



In the mid-80s, FUSCO & CO creates the brand SIDECAR with the idea of entering the world of fashion.

SIDECAR force is the color and joy transmit in their prints”. The brand seeks to satisfy demands of dynamic people with personality who enjoys life to the fullest. Designed to project authenticity and its patterns, innovative and unique, they are not tainted with the fashion trends of the moment, but they adapt and constantly reinvented thanks to the creativity of the team working every day to create, innovate and love.Sidecar uses color as a main source of inspiration empowering them with highlights and transforming it by using organic forms and manuals strokes.

Passion and enthusiasm is what Sidecar want to give everyone who dares to enjoy and understand the spirit of their brand.

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Puppick was established 35 years ago in Antwerp. The brand has conquered the Belgian fashion market incredibly fast. Trousers, particularly were very desirable because of their ideal fitting. Also jackets and coats were indispensable to the collection. When Belgian fashion went through a change, Puppick also had to evolve. The collection was expanded with a wider offer in dresses and soon we established an ideal fitting for dresses as well. Up to this date Puppick cannot be discarded from the Belgian market. We offer a full collection with qualitative pieces with an established fitting. Made in Belgium and proud of it.

What does Puppick stand for?

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Olivia Lauren Logo

Olivia Lauren is a dynamic lifestyle brand dedicated to the production of elegant office and travel bags.
Each Olivia Lauren travel bag embodies timeless luxury, with an emphasis on quality and comfort.
An Olivia Lauren product is a symbol of classic and contemporary design to complement your lifestyle.
Our functional and elegant collection is designed to be classy in the office or while traveling.

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Angels Never Die

Angels Never Die




Angels Never Die was founded in 2006 in Istanbul by two young men: Ferat Baritci and Sedat Azizoğlu. During that time, they were mainly involved in the creation of innovative clothes within a small boutique market. To their surprise, the brand’s distinctive clothing was quickly picked up by a larger audience and developed into a major international player. Now, more than nine years on, there are more than 1,200 vending points from North America to Asia, and from Europe to Africa. Through its unflinching edginess, Angels Never Die has begun to touch upon a worldwide audience.

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